This statement describes our policy on processing submitted contents (i.e. confessions) and managing any other associated activities happening on our services (website, page). We, the admins of CHSPJ Confessions, shall exact this policy to the best of our abilities, however, may fall short on scenarios not covered in this statement. We are not liable for damages shall dispute arises, and we hold the final decision to resolve them to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

Within the following statement,

“We, Our, Us” are the admins, the governor of the pages and group. “Users” are the general public who uses any of our services. “Confessors” are individuals who submit their contents anonymously by using our form provided on our website.

“Page” represents the CHSPJ Confessions Facebook and Instagram page, hosted by Meta Platforms, Inc., that we operate to publish contents submitted by the confessors. “Website” represents the content-submission website named CHSPJ Confessions, hosted on Site.pro, that is currently managed by a third-party partner.

By using our pages and our website, all users and confessors are deemed to have read, understand, and accept our Terms of Service. If you do not agree nor accept any of our policy outlined below, cease using our services immediately.


  1. We do not officially represent "Catholic High School, Petaling Jaya" (or otherwise known as "SMJK Katholik") and thus not responsible for any information published on the school’s website or its affiliated pages. Likewise, they do not represent nor endorse our contents, and our policy does not represent nor apply to the school.

  2. We do not own nor endorse the contents submitted through our form on our website. All contents are deemed to be owned by the confessors and is the sole party liable for any damages caused to the users or rightful owners should dispute arises.

  3. All opinions, discussions and alike expressed publicly on our pages are not of and do not represent CHSPJ Confessions, unless stated. The users, and to a certain extent, the admins are the sole accountable for the contents published publicly under their identity, regardless of circumstances.

  4. We hold the right to selectively publish, un-publish, modify, or reject contents submitted through our form on our website, at any time without prior notice. Contents that may be selectively removed, including but not limited to:

    • Words, sentences, or paragraphs that are deemed sensitive, offensive, and/or defamatory.

    • External links that redirect users to access contents containing dangerous propaganda or viruses that may jeopardize our system and the user’s safety.

    • Uploaded contents that depict imagery of extreme violence, cruelty, bloodshed, and/or nudity.

    • Contents that are deemed confidential information about a person or an organization, including imagery.

    • Contents that the confessors do not own the copyright to, or lack the relevant license to use, such as professional photographs, illustrations, writen fictions, etc.

  5. Non-confidential personal information is published on account of full consent granted by the confessor when they submit their contents through our form on our website, regardless of agreement by other parties concerned. We shall not be liable for damages caused thereon.

  6. We will verify the authenticity of an information to the best of our abilities before publishing the submitted contents. However, we are not liable for damages caused, whether the information is factual or not. It is the users' responsibility to further verify all information.

  7. We hold the right to remove comments on our page, or blacklisting users and suspend them from using our services, should one found to have violated our Community Rules, at any time without prior notice.

  8. We hold the final decision to publish submitted contents on either or both of our platforms (Facebook and Instagram) as we see fit. This right cannot be challenged.

  9. Requests for content removal must require valid reasons, and only through our page's Messenger, or else it wil not be entertained.

  10. Requests for the confessor’s identity and private information by the general public are not entertained under any circumstances, regardless of our access to such information. However, we may share this information exclusively with authorities for any relevant investigation when requested.

  11. In the instance of a content published in multiple languages, the following shall applies:

    • Official announcements: English

    • Submitted contents: No prevailing language applies. Users should verify the accuracy of translations on their end.

  12. We will do our best to avoid errors or missing information in our official announcements. Should such issues found, kindly send us a report by direct message on Facebook.

  13. This statement may subject to changes without prior notice. All users and confessors shall re-examine our Terms of Service intermittently.

  14. Users are subjected to additional terms and policies by Meta Platforms, Inc. when using our page on Facebook or Instagram. For more info, visit the links below:


  • Combined policy items that are similar in nature.

    • Original No. 1: We do not represent... we shall not be liable...

    • Original No. 2: On all matters, our stance does not represent...

  • Removed deprecated services' terms and descriptions as they are not applicable anymore.

  • Added and clarified specifics to our responsibility in some policies.

  • Changed prevailing language policy.

  • Revised statement to eliminate writing redundancy for clarity.

  • Rearranged policy items order.

  • Removed terms for "promoter". This group is now categorized as "member".

  • Introduced guidelines for "member". Added new policies for our official Facebook group. (Service deprecated)

  • Revised statement and eliminate grammatical errors for better clarity.

  • Modified our guidelines document into a policy statement to clarify our content processing and platform management policy. Some details now moved to "General Rules" (now named Community Rules).

  • Included new restricted contents and introduced stricter regulations on publication of personal information.

  • Clarified our stance on information authenticity.

  • Designated language preferred for communication.

  • Provided more details on the type of contents that are subjected to alteration.

  • Clarified how we publish contents on secondary media platforms.

  • Other minor changes.

  • Established guidelines to provide more details on how submitted contents are processed.